Stcok Footage

Over the years we have provided railroad footage for network television as well as corporate programs and advertising. Weather you need something for a documentary television program or a special sales meeting we can help you with high impact railroad scenes.


We can provide scenes on Betacam-SP tape direct from a non-linear system. Original tapes have been shot on mainly 3/4 inch and mostly Betacam-SP over the years. In addition there is some footage on DV and a bit of early footage on VHS originals. In additions to a wide selection of video tape from steam and diesel since 1984, we have some vintage footage that originated on 16mm film, including the glory days of steam railroading in the 1950's.


Generally we offer one special scene at a cost of $250.00 each, with a minimum of $500.00 per order.

There is an additional $100.00 charge(per order) for researching/locating the scenes and includes the layoff to video tape.

Most stock houses charge per second of video sold, so our method is actually very reasonable considering the scenes are provided in approx 30 second or more lengths.


Corporate and other non-Broadcast usage is priced at $150.00 per scene, with a minimum of $450.00 per order. There is also the additional $100.00 research charge per order.

When larger amounts of footage are required special package deals may be utilized based on individual requirements.


We can provide you with special TimeCode Window VHS copies of any specific program that we have. This is a special order, and the charge would be $50.00 per each TC window tape. With this Time Code window copy you can select the exact time you would need to order. If you fee(FEEL) you don't need this extra expense you could simply purchase the regular video and let us know which shots you need based on titles given or general description.

We also suggest our Video Sampler, and Preview Combo, for selecting areas of interest. Sometimes we will have other video tape that was used for previous projects, that can be time-coded and sent for $50.00 per hour, should you wish additional footage.


Consulting - Movie companies wishing information regarding shooting locations, railroads, photo planning or other information regarding TV shows, commercials, and Movies, may request our services for the rate of $1,000 per day plus travel expenses and phone call/mail expenses when required.

We also do corporate rail video work, and tourist rail video for promotional and souvenir purposes. Give us a call to discuss how we can best serve you.

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