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B-25 Gathering

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The B-25 "Mitchell" twin engine bomber was famous for flying off a carrier to bomb Japan in 1942, and in 2017 a 75th anniversary even was held that included a "B-25 Gathering" at Urbana, Ohio with no less than 12 different aircraft. In addition to these, we have included two additional Warbirds(B-25's) to make a total of 14 B-25's in this show. Available in SD and Blu-Ray 90 Minutes plus Previews. More Details Here

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B-17 Time

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The 4-engine B-17 was known as the "Flying Fortress" and gained fame throughout the different theaters of operation during World War II. In this show we will see 3 different preserved B-17's in operation during the past few years, and see a partial film of the 1943 "Memphis Belle" film made by the Army Air Force for its 25th Mission. We will also take you for a ride in a B-17 that was later destroyed by fire.

90 Minutes + Previews SD $25.00, Blu-Ray(HD) $30.00 More Details Here

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A Rare B-24 Bomber

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Enjoy footage of one of the last operational B-24J bombers flying today. We venture to Valparaiso, Indiana for action with "Witchcraft", the most authentic of the two remaining B-24 type aircraft still in operation. Watch taxi scenes, take-offs, landings, and some nice fly-overs. 70 Minutes plus Bonus segment. $25.00 SD, $30.00 for Blu-Ray. More Details Here

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The Dauntless

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This World War Two aircraft was built as a scout/dive bomber, thus the designation SBD Dauntless. They were constructed to be used off Aircraft Carriers, but wee also used as land based aircraft for missions, mostly in the Pacific Theater of operation. In this show we will see rare images of SBD 5 that is operated by the Dixie Wing of the Commerative Air Force. This and other aircraft operate at various locations during the summer and patrons can pay for rides aboard the plane for a unique flight experience. Also there is a vintage film of these during WW2. More Details Here

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P-51 Mustangs

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If you are into aircraft, then you like P-51 Mustangs. These were the best fighter planes the allied air forces used during World War 2. We will see three different ones in action during 2013 and 2014. Enjoy the sights and sounds of these lovely aircraft in flight, as well as start-ups, take-offs, and fly overs. More Details Here

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The Last B-29

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If you like old World War Two aircraft, then this is the ultimate heavy bomber. This B-29 is the only operational of its kind when we produced this show. Fifi is the name of the aircraft, and it is seen flying, close-up, and inside as we take you for a ride in addition to seeing it from the ground. Widescreen 93 minutes $24.95 More Details Here

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B-25's and the Final Toast

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Five different B-25 Mitchell aircraft stage at Urbana, Ohio On November 8, 2013. The event was the remaining Doolittle Raiders from the famous "Doolittle Raid" of April 18, 1942 were going to make the "Final Toast" at a ceremony at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. The B-25's would do a special fly-over in their honor. Our cameras captured various aspects with loads of B-25 action. More Details Here

Widescreen 90 minutes $24.95

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World War Two Sound Films

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We have assembled this collection of various newsreels and military films into this one DVD. All films have their original sound which includes narration, music, and sound effects, and all are black and white from World War Two. There are several interesting short films that includes airplanes, ground campaigns, new gear for the war effort, and much more. More Details Here

The total DVD is 87 Minutes $24.95

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World War Two Aircraft Today

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This is contemporary look at restored World War Two Aircraft that we have captured on video at various events since 2008. You will enjoy 2 different B-25 Medium Bombers, 2 T-6 Trainers, and two B-17 Heavy Bombers. Notable aircraft are the two B-17's "Liberty Belle" which burned after in 2011, and a visit by B-17 "Memphis Belle" in 2012. In addition we see the last operational B-29 Superfortress "Fifi" in operation. Live audio and some history with a bit of music for those windy and distant scenes. More Details Here

85 Minutes 16x9 Widescreen. $24.95

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Warbirds Over Europe

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This is a collection of 4 Sound Black and White Military Films, including Army-Air Force Report, Schweinfurt Mission, Prelude to Invasion, and Building a Bomber. Loads of variety of aircraft during WW2 include P40(Flying Tigers), P38, P47, P51, B17, B24, B25 and more. Real footage of rare historic miliary aircraft in World War 2. More Details Here

87 Minutes $24.95

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Warbirds Over The Pacific

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This is another collection of Black and White Sound military films related to the Pacific Theater of operations related to aircraft in the region. More Details Here

Approximately 83 minutes plus Previews $24.95

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Military Trains

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Military Trains consists of 2 World War two era films and some miscellaneous other footage. "Troop Train" is the first film, a black and white sound film showing the creation of a special train. "Hospital Train" is a color film depicting the care wounded soldiers got and transfer from Hospital Ships to hospital trains to get them home. More Details Here

Approximately 52 minutes plus Previews $24.95

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D-Day Films

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Here is a collection of three films that relate to the June 1944 invasion of Europe by the Allies. One film is called "D-Day Convoy", followed by "Phantom Harbor", and "Army-Air Force Actions of May and June 1944". More Details Here

Approximately 45 Minutes $24.95

45 minutes   $24.95   Qty:  

World War II Pacific News
It is not our intent to recreate battle scenes or stories through modern day documentaries. This has been done considerably. Instead we are making available a collection of War-era newsreels and other military films that were created during the war, and you will see what folks saw during the war at home in theaters, or in the work place. Some were issued as propaganda, and thus suitable for the times, but may not be politically correct for today's society. However, these are not fiction. What you see is what happened during each conflict, and some are more graphic than others. It may not be suitable for small children, although these are not rated one way or the other. It is all history during a time when the world was a different place. These are from 16mm films that have been professionally transferred.

In the future we will be offering a few more DVD's of various films we have obtained.


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World War II Pacific News

This collection includes 8 different Black and White newsreels that were made silent, with intertitles. Since it was silent we have decided to add an audio track of background music. This theme is the Pacific Theater of operations and begins with the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, and ends with the surrender of Japan. In between you will see a wide variety of events such as the attack on the Philippines with a profile of General MacArthur, the U.S. striking back with a daring raid on Japan as B-25 bombers led by General Doolittle fly off the Aircraft Carrier Hornet, Battles of the Coral Sea and Midway, and much more. Each film runs approximately 10 minutes. The eight films are as follows.

  • Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  • Philippines attacked and General MacArthur
  • U.S. Navy Blasts Marshall Islands
  • Yanks Bomb Tokyo
  • Midway and Coral Seas Battles
  • Iwo Jima
  • Yanks Battle For Okinawa
  • Japan's Surrender

Menu with Chapters for selecting each film listed above.

Music and title pages and no narration. Black and White.

Approximately 80 Minutes. $24.95

80 minutes   $24.95   Qty:  

Pacific Air And Sea Battles

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This collection is a variety of films that relate primarily to the Naval Battles in the Pacific. Most were films made by the Navy, or in conjunction with the other branches of the U.S. Military. These films are Black and White, but all have sound and narration. There are some general films here regarding a variety of battles in which the Navy was involved with. This includes some of the largest naval battles in history such as the Battle of Leyte Gulf, and the Kamikaze(Japan's suicide planes) attacks on the U.S. Navy off Okinawa. There is a good amount of Aircraft Carrier action in this one also. The films shown are as follows:

  • Yanks Smash Truk
  • Brought To Action
  • Find The Jap
  • The Fleet That Came to Stay
  • Salute to the Navy

Chapter menu allows for selection of individual programs within the DVD

Approximately 70 Minutes. Black and White with sound and narration. $24.95

70 minutes   $24.95   Qty:  

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